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Akhenaten Pharaoh of Egypt - Continued..

Akhenaten ruled Egypt with his wife Nefertiti, who herself was a remarkable figure. Akhenaten’s apparent love and devotion for his wife is illustrated in the Amarna artwork of the period in which the couple are depicted exchanging affectionate embraces. Akhenaten promoted Nefertiti to co-ruler of Egypt, to sit at his side as an equal. Renowned for her beauty and wisdom it is suggested that after Akhenaten’s reign ended mysteriously and abruptly after 18 years as pharaoh, Nefertiti took over for a time as sole ruler of Egypt.

familyAkhenaten and Nefertiti had six daughters and Egyptologist are still debating as to whether Akhenaten was also the father of Tutankamun, who followed shortly after him. Current theories suggest that Tutankamun was the son of Akhenaten by a previous wife, Kiya, who died whilst giving birth. Ironically, although only a minor pharaoh as far as history is concerned (Tutankamun died aged 18 years of age – he became Pharaoh at 9), the discovery of Tutankamun’s tomb in 1922 instantly made him the most well known pharaoh in modern history.

There is no question that Akhenaten is one of the most remarkable of the Ancient Pharaohs, and there is also no question that very little is actually known about him, his reign is shrouded in mystery. Perhaps there is much more to this (18th dynasty) character and his family than is recorded in the remains of statues and paintings. Many people claim Akhenaten represents their own ideologies and beliefs and he is an extremely popular figure amongst cult groups and organisations. Sigmund Freud claimed he was the real Moses of the bible. However one fact is certain, over 1000 years before Judaism, Christianity and Islam, this ancient African King taught about the ‘one-ness’ of beings, and the worship of the one Sun God.

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