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by Douglas Mortimer

The mindThe world is a large place but the mind is the largest place of all, with exploration of ones mind will come enlightenment, and freedom. For we are living in the age where the media shapes your thoughts motivations, likes and dislikes. From a young age we’re are not taught to be discerning with the information we receive, parents themselves who have become accustomed to the status quo with the assurance that it will do their child no harm allow the child to be parented by television one sided literature, and skewed historical facts which all eventually lead to adults who do not question their situation.

A race which has succumbed to another race will either be eliminated as to pose no threat, or assimilated to reach the same end, this can be seen throughout history for example The Muslims entered north Africa and imposed religion and language, on its occupants leading to people which shared similar motivations to their conquerors and therefore were less troublesome. The African slaves that were captured and taken to the western world were forced to relinquish their native tongue and gods in deference to a western tongue and a Christian ideology. As these races evolve these impositions that were once alien to them become ingrained in their consciousness and then become natural behavior, this can be seen in present society where the children of former slaves have inherited their former oppressors language, ideals, history, and even their names.

The historical value of a name is of great significance to society it signifies a culture, geographical region and even religious beliefs, an assimilated race loses this identifiable factor for example people of African decent who were held in bondage had to relinquish this identity, and the effect is that in modern day society they do not associate themselves with names that identify that they originally hail from the region of Africa, for example a person of African descent in this society will normally have adopted a western name such as John, Thomas, e,t,c yet the reverse is never true as an individual of western descent will never be called Kofi, Ade, or Nmandi as they cannot associate themselves with these names and consciously or unconsciously will never see fit to give their offspring a name that they have no identification with.

Assimilation is desirable in the minds of the assimilated. For example the natural belief is that to ascend in the society of your assimilators it is necessary to mimic their appearance, mannerisms, behaviors, and belief systems. This is understandable as the assimilators take on a dominant standing in the eyes of the assimilated. During the period of slavery the western slavers assumed this role, where all that they did was right and just, the way they dressed was the ideal way to be clothed, their religion was the right one to follow, and they were aesthetically closer to god than their enslaved counterparts. The effect this had upon the slaves was to look upon their slavers as the image to attain. And this is reiterated within their offspring to this day. For example the straightening of ones hair is an example of mimicry that has become an almost unconscious act within the modern descendants of bondage, their aesthetic beauty is given greater value the more they correspond to the western aesthetic, and their beliefs and ideologies follow similar patterns to what is considered a western physiology.

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