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Articles within the Pages of Chaos are controversial, yet relevant to the increasingly dangerous world in which we live. Pages of ChaosThe Eye of Horus Knowledge is Power
Olympic Rings Sirens & Starbucks
Esoteric symbolism in the famous logo
TV Martin Luther King
The man they don't show on Television
Irish Irish Slavery
The forgotten legacy of Irish slavery
Olympic Rings Olympics & Hitler
Where are the Olympic symbols really from?
TV Brainwashing
Why TV is the perfect machine
David Icke Vaccines & Food
Are they destroying our Immune System?
Bilderberg Group
Why are they so secretive?
Bush family and Nazis Bush Family Nazi Links
George Bush's grandfather funded Nazis
Apocalypto Apocalypto
Mel Gibson's film racist and inaccurate
Black Indians
The secret history of Africans and Native Americans.
The Three Kings
Ancient Egyptian symbolism in the famous Christian story
Why is it being added to our water?
Sun of God
Who are the real Sun worshippers?
AIDS Man Made?
Is AIDS a man-made disease and is there a cure?
Media Bias
The media manipulates us in the name of impartiality
Cosby's Message
Bill Cosby criticises modern "black" culture
Tehran Hosts Forum
Rabbis discuss WW2, Zionism and the Holocaust
The Incas
Conquistadore laments the distruction of the Incas
Gnostic Creation
An alternative slant to the story of creation
An orthadow Jewish view on Zionism
Sam Cooke
Strange events surrounding his death
Aids & Racism
How did AIDs really spread?
Race & Egypt
Was race important to the Ancient Egytians?
Masons & The Pyramid
What is its connection with the Freemasons?