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Fashion the New Religion
by Omar Jackson

‘one who thinks they are free will not seek freedom’

Fashion is the god of the new religion ‘materialism’ and her messengers i.e. trends, mtv\box music videos, film, television, clubs, sex all operate in unison like wheels within wheels to keep its followers (victims; black girls) trapped in this modus operandi to the extent where the victim becomes pre-occupied in these activities that they become incapable of shifting their attention to matters that exist beyond the perimeters of the cycles. Though the victims are unaware that they are being manipulated as they never questioned the existence of this new religion it is beyond the realms of their thought processes that there is a plan at work. Instead they belive that they are independent to do as they please without any end consequence.

‘the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist’

The teachings of this new religion is based on external realities, image, hair, clothes, colours, money, sexual partners. The victims are continuously bombarded with new trends so by the time they grow tired of one they are deceived into following a new one which in truth is an old one recycled. This is the meaning of the phrase ‘what goes around comes around’. Trends are regurgitated if one studies todays fashions closely the cropped jackets these all were first seen in the sixties and the flared trousers from the seventies.

The religion works on two levels an artificial and a natural one. The natural level is the seasons summer, winter etc the change of climate which is used or abused to promote the new trends the summer colours for instance the lighter thiner fabrics, shorter skirts (its hot ), clingy tops, everything much closer to the skin exsposing the shape and detail of the victims bodies and here is where sex comes into play as everyone is part naked the degree of sexual encounters explodes and the domino effect of pain promiscuity and abortions come into being.

The spiritual side of the self is totally neglected and left uncultivated , the culture does not allow its victims to be exposed to any teachings that delve beyond the surface. Anything that enlightens the victim is kept hidden or outside of the cycles. This is an advanced form of slavery for the chains are unseen, yet the mind is shackled and the victim is held (unknowingly) on a plantation of thought which is the root of all action. There are those who refuse to acknowledge the existence of a plan and who find it impossible to think that these things we see everyday before us are not intelligently organised and constructed by an unseen structure. I and others do believe there is a plan to keep our women and men ignorant and dead mentally, enslaved, futile, useless and pre-occupied with matters of no importance to the real world (not the artificial one created by the victims masters) .

The focus of black girls\women is on image and fashion, the constructers of this new religion mass culture are well aware of the effect the various cycles have on their victims lives. As we have left one century and entered another it would seem slavery is not a thing of the past, For those of us who are aware of it in all its forms and subtleties, slavery has not died it has been given a fake death and a very real transformation.

Reply to Fashion: The New Religion

I have just read your article surrounding fashion being the new religion. And as I am a young black woman, I felt very angry about some suggestions. Of course I agree with the point in general, but to try to imply that only Black women are in this materialistic trap is to say the least, a little naive. I find this one sided male opinion, very unprofessional. Where are you obtaining this research, on your friends !!!!.

To be honest Black males obviously play a major part in this religion i.e. the ratio of black males to females in prison is around 10 to 1. So obviously even though black women are in the fashion trap Black men are 10 times more likely to commit a crime to obtain material items. I am sorry if I am sounding negative about your article but if you want the masses to take a black web page seriously then you need to research the articles and never have a 1 sided argument based on somebodys bad experience and try to put it out as fact. I understand your argument, but you need to educate black people not piss them Off.

by Donna