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Gnostic Creation Myth
by Graham Hancock
taken from "Heavens Mirror"

creationThe Gnostics lived in close contact with the vestiges of the ancient Egyptian religion and also co-existed with Judaism and with early Christianity. They honoured Osiris, the ancient Egyptian god of rebirth, 'who stands before darkness as a guardian of light'. By contrast they saw Jehovah, the Old Testament god of the Jews and the Christians, as a dark force, indeed as one of the 'world rulers of darkness' an 'Archon' whose purpose was to keep mankind chained for eternity in spiritual ignorance. Although it comes as a shock to Jews and Christians, the Gnostic account of the Old Testament story of the 'temptation' of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden therefore depicts the serpent not as the villain of the piece but rather as the hero and as a true benefactor of mankind.

'What did God say to you?' the serpent asked Eve. 'Was it "Do not eat from the tree of knowledge [gnosis]"?' She replied: 'He said, "Not only do not eat from it, but do not touch it lest you die," The serpent reassured her, saying: 'Do not be afraid. With death you shall not die; for it was out of jealousy that he said this to you. Rather your eyes shall open and you shall come to be like gods, recognising evil and good."

Tree of KnowledgeAfter Adam and eve, the primordial human couple, had eaten of the tree of knowledge, the Gnostics taught that they experienced enlightenment and awakened to their own luminous and immortal nature. This realisation, in itself, was not a guarantee of immortality, but it was an essential precondition for those who wished to 'eat of the tree of life'.

The Archons were jealous and said:

Behold, Adam! He has come to be like one of us, so that he knows the difference between the light and the darkness. Now perhaps he also will come to the tree of life and eat from it and become immortal. Come let us expel him from Paradise down to the land from which he was taken, so that henceforth he might not be able to recognise anything better....And so they expelled Adam from Paradise, along with his wife. And this deed that they had done was not enough for them. Rather, they were afraid. They went in to the tree of life and surrounded it with fearful things....and they put a flaming sword in their midst, fearfully twirling at all times, so that no earthly being might ever enter that place.

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