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African Inventors and Inventions

Black Inventors

These pages offer a glimpse at the often uncredited contribution African Inventors and their inventions have made to modern day society. (Inventors listed alphabetically)

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Aeroplane propellingJames S Adams
Biscuit cutter A.P. Ashbourne
Folding bedL.C. Bailey
Coin changerJames A. Bauer
Rotary engineAndrew Beard
Car couplerAndrew Beard
Letter boxG.E. Becket
Stainless steel padsAlfred Benjamin
Corn planterHenry Blair
Ironing boardSarah Boone
Pace maker controlsOtis Boykin
Guided-missileOtis Boykin
Torpedo dischargeH. Bradberry
Street sweeperCharles Brooks
Disposable syringePhil Brooks

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