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African Inventors and Inventions

Black Inventors

These pages offer a glimpse at the often uncredited contribution African Inventors and their inventions have made to modern day society.

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Horse bridle bitL.F. Brown
Home security systemMarie Brown
HorseshoeOscar E. Brown
Lawn mowerJohn A. Burr
TypewriterBurridge & Marshman
Train alarmR.A. Butler
Image converter Geo.Carruthers
Radiation detectorGeo.Carruthers
Pillow utilizing air/waterLarry Christie
Track athlete trainerJohn Clark
Automatic fishing reel George Cook
Ice cream moldA.L. Cralle
Horse riding saddleWm. D. Davis
(Received a patent for a shoe design 1867)
W.A. Deitz
Player pianoJoseph Dickinson
Arm for record playerJoseph Dickinson

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