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African Inventors and Inventions

Black Inventors

These pages offer a glimpse at the often uncredited contribution African Inventors and their inventions have made to modern day society.

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Attachment for shuttle arm.Wm. Harwell
Device used to capture satellitesWm. Harwell
Ice creamAugustus Jackson
Gas burnerB.F. Jackson
Kitchen tableH.A. Jackson
Programmable remote controlJoseph N. Jackson
Video commanderJoseph N. Jackson
O.F. Cable w/non-met. sheathArtis Jenkins
Bicycle frameIssac R. Johnson
Sani-phoneJerry Johnson
WrenchJohn A. Johnson
Super soakerLonnie Johnson
Eye protectionP. Johnson
Egg beaterW. Johnson
Bottle caps Jones & Long
Automated RefrigerationFrederick M Jones
Clothes dresserH. Jordan

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