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African Inventors and Inventions

Black Inventors

These pages offer a glimpse at the often uncredited contribution African Inventors and their inventions have made to modern day society.

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Hair brushLyda Newman
Heating furnaceAlice H. Parker
Air ship (Blimp)J.F. Pickering
Folding chairPurdy & Sadgwar
Hand stamp W.B. Purvis
Fountain penW.B. Purvis
Dust panL.P. Ray
Insect destroyer gunA.C. Richardson
Baby buggyW.H. Richardson
Sugar refinementN. Rillieux
Pressing comb Walter Sammons
Hair dressing deviceWalter Sammons
Clothes drierG.T. Sampson
Cellular phoneHenry Sampson
MopE.W Stewart
Urinalysis machineDewey Sanderson

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