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Ancient Egyptians
Ancient Egyptians

Prime Minister Imhotep

ImhotepIn Ancient Egypt, most of the known history is of gods and kings. One exception was Imhotep, a Third Dynasty Prime Minister for Pharaoh Djoser. He was an able and praiseworthy figure. Mr Rice, a modern historian, believes it "entirely possible that no more remarkable creative talent ever lived".

ImhotepHe was born in the Egyptian city of Memphis to a highborn family. His father, Kanofer, was a distinguished royal architect and master builder. Under Djoser, Imhotep served as Prime Minister, but he was also an astronomer, physician, poet, philosopher and Chief Lector Priest of Heliopolis. As an architect and medical doctor, his reputation was unassailable.

Saqqara Step PyramidHe built the Funerary Complex of Saqqara, one of the greatest architectural works in the land. By 525 BC, Imhotep was deified. A temple was later dedicated to him in Karnak.

taken from   When We Ruled  
Ancient Egyptians

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