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Starbucks Unveiled
Some Symbolism of the Coffee Chain's Logo Revealed
by Nick Sandberg taken from his website

Starbucks LogoThe Starbucks logo, knowingly or otherwise, is a feast of interesting esoteric symbolism, and I am dedicating the whole of this fairly lightweight piece to its exploration. Readers should note that interpretations are largely my own, and do not reflect the beliefs or teachings of any specific individuals or group.

The girl in the centre is Isis, the Great Mother as she was known to the ancient Egyptians. She is the power of nature in all her glory and represents the creative power of the universe, generating physical form from the womb of the unmanifest. In Kaballah, Isis is recognized as existing in two distinct forms - veiled and unveiled. Isis veiled is the natural world, as it appears to us. Isis is the Great Mother of Creation and the world that appears around us is her clothing. Isis unveiled is that creative essence that resides unseen within form, known to the Hindus as "prakriti," and to the alchemists as "prima materia."

To experience Isis unveiled is a supreme ambition of devotees from many esoteric fields, whether they know her by the name of Isis or otherwise. Enlightened men and women from all backgrounds have made it their goal for many centuries. The well-known 19th century Indian mystic, Sri Ramakrishna, for example, spent much of his life in devotion to his "Mother," as he called her, weeping inconsolably in the times she did not appear to him.

  • The Hair. In the logo, it can be seen that Isis is clothed only with her hair, which falls over her breasts in six wavy lines, thus signifying the material world, and the illusion of appearances. Six is the number of the Kaballistic "Macrocosm," the universe, it being the number of sides of the three-dimensional cube. The wavy lines symbolize vibration - the root nature of all substance. The figure with hair thus reinforces the image of Isis, the Great Mother principle clad in the world of form.

  • On her head she wears a crown, seemingly constructed from a "cut-up" sphere, or globe, and featuring, in a central position, a five-pointed star or pentagram. The pentagram with a single point facing upwards represents the world of Spirit, the upper point, as having dominion over the four elements, the four lower points. The pentagram drawn in this manner, like the number 5 itself, is the symbol of spiritual Man, the Kaballistic "Microcosm." The cut-up globe which surrounds the five-pointed star again symbolizes again the Macrocosm - the world. This crown could therefore be said to represent the presence of spirit hidden in worldly desire, or, alternately, spiritually-developed mankind emerging triumphant from a contorted and destructive global situation.

  • Five and Six together. In the esoteric doctrine of Kaballah, the number 65 is very important. Six is the number of the macrocosm - the world, and five the number of the microcosm - spiritually developed man. The number 65 thus symbolizes the power of spiritually evolved Man operating in the world. The phrase "Light in Extension" is used by Western esoteric orders to represent in words the above concept, and is reduced to the initials "L.V.X.", (also representing "lux", the Latin word for light), at the end of communications between Kaballists. As Roman numerals, the letters LVX add up to 65, and thus reinforce its symbolic meaning. The girl's crown thus symbolises the motto "L.V.X." and all it represents.

  • The two chevroned objects either side of Isis would appear to be fish and thus symbolise Pisces. The recently ended Piscean Era, (approx 100 BCE to 2,000 CE), was a time of much change and reformation. Many people the world over are looking to the newly-commenced Aquarian Era for changes in the way people relate to one another.

    This logo shows Isis, naked but still naturally covered, emerging from the darkness of the late Piscean era, crowned with true knowledge of Man's intrinsic spirituality. Knowingly or otherwise, it is a powerful symbol for positive planetary change, taking place via a resurgence of intrinsic feminity.

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