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Symbolism in Advertising and Logos
by A. Stanton

"Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, so long as you call yourself a coincidence theorist"

billboardsWe are being attacked daily. In our homes, in the streets, on the subway and on buses, when we read newspapers and magazines. Powerful symbols are being used against by advertisers, and we have little or no idea they are there. These symbols have ancient and astrological meanings which have a deep impact on our subconscious minds, and this is all done under the pretense of innovative and eye-catching product or company promotions.

Symbols and iconography from modern and ancient religions, paganism, the occult and astrology are being fed to us, via the media on a daily basis. And we are entirely unaware of it.

Sometimes these occult images have more prominence on a billboard or magazine advert than the product themselves. Which means advertisers are putting a huge amount of importance, money and resources into conveying this symbolism.

I for one, take exception to the fact that these images are being used against us without our permission and more study must be made into the subliminal effects these symbols have on our unsuspecting minds.

Perhaps the use of these symbols can explain the way in which we are all becoming slaves to brand names, or explain the uncontrollable rise in consumerism and materialism across the globe.

The media often looks down on "occultism, astrology and paganism" yet why are these practices being employed by the most powerful corporations on the planet? And then fed to us by this very same media?

Why are ancient and sacred symbols being used to sell products such as soft drinks, coffee, sports shoes and computers?

Companies spend vast amounts of money for advertising and put a lot of research into devising logos and ad campaigns designed to work on a subconcious level. See the famous logos below and the striking similarities with powerful, ancient symbols. Can it really be just coincidence?

This BT logo contains a hidden snake, why? - look at the figure's red right arm

BT snake

Is the Pepsi logo's similarity to the ancient Yin and Yang symbol merely coincidence? The South Korean flag is also based on the ancient Ying and Yang. Notice that the colour schemes are the same.

Ying and Yang Logo Korean flag

This Timberland logo bears more than a passing resemblance to the Celtic Tree of Life symbol

Logo Celtic Tree of Life Celtic Tree of Life

The Nike logo is a representation of Saturn, the 'swoosh' is actully the ring. Saturn is very important in the world of the occult.

Logo Ring of Saturn Saturn

See these old Starbucks Coffee logos, what does a Mermaid have to do with coffee?

An Older Starbucks Logo An Older Starbucks Logo Mermaid

Is the famous Umbro logo actually the Ancient Native American Indian symbol for the Medicine Man's Eye? The dot in the centre of the original represents spiritual knowledge and objectivity. This is missing in the sports logo.

Umbro Medicine Man's Eye Medicine Man's Eye

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